Treat your family to a scrumptious snack with a waffle maker

We feature an impressive range of electric waffle makers and irons from leading UK stores. 

A waffle maker, iron or press, like those for sale here, are wonderful for creating a nourishing snack in just a few minutes. 

We have dozens of cheap or luxury waffle makers from UK stores including John Lewis, Amazon, Wilkos, Argos, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Cook In Style, Divertimenti, All Outdoor, Electric Shopping and Ebay. 

We also feature a selection of handy waffle recipe books to provide you with some mouth-watering ideas for your waffle maker machine.

Whether you're looking for a cheap and simple waffle maker or a deluxe model for making delicious traditional Belgian waffles, there's certain to be something that appeals here.

You'll find all the top brand names here for waffle makers including Graef, Elgento, Gordon Ramsey, Kitchen Kraft, Cuisinart, Waring, Cloer Waffeleisen, Breville, Andrew James, Dualit and KitchenAid.

Kids just love waffles when they are topped with ice cream, fresh cream, maple syrup, chocolate or strawberry sauce and many other favourites with children.

The most common style of waffle makers features two molded, hinged metal plates - but there are others with four or six plates and professional devices used in restaurants and other catering establishment can have even more. 

The waffle iron on the top of the maker is available in many patterns - as is the case with sandwich toasters - but the most common shape is the clamshell. Irons can even be custom-made to a shape of your choice.  

A non-stick Teflon surface means you can turn out quality waffles every time - and they'll be a lot cheaper than the prices you pay for waffles in your local supermarket or bakery. 

One attraction of these devices is that they are extremly easy to use - so you won't need a degree in kitchen skills to use one!. 

They cook very fast and are reasonably cheap, durable and easy to maintain.
Many waffle makers come with a packet of luxury Belgian waffle mix thrown in to get your started. 

But part of the fun is coming up with your own ingredients to add to your mix for maximum flavour - these include vanilla, almond, chocolate chip, peach, strawberry and cinnamon and caramel. 

And don't forget waffled don't have to be sweet - there are plenty of savoury options including pumpkin, ricotta cheese, potato and cornmeal. 

There are hundeds of different recipes for waffles - kids generally love a sweet topping but mum and dad may prefer a savoury option like cheese, bacon, pepperoni, tuna or even a fried egg!

How to use your new kitchen waffle maker

There's nothing complicated about making waffles on one of these electric devices. 

First you need to make your batter or use a ready-made mix if you prefer. Get your batter ready. If you want to flavour the batter you will need to add the ingredient, such as vanilla or almond at this stage. 

Adding a little bit of oil to the batter will help make the waffles crisp and golden brown and ensure they can be removed easily from iron. 

Place your waffle maker on a flat surface and place it on a flat surface, away from the edge of a surface, water or sink. A piece of kitchen roll or a plate should be positioned below the waffle iron to collect any leaking batter. 

Grease the waffle iron with a light coating of oil and close the clamshell, before switching the the iron on. Some devices have an indicator light which will alert you when your device is at the correct temperature for adding your batter mix. 

Be very careful you don't touch the cooking surface or metal coil at the back of the iron as this could burn you. 

Open the clam shell and slowly pour in your batter to cover half of the nearest or lower cooking surface.
When pouring the batter, aim at the middle of the pan so that the batter spreads and you get evenly sized waffles. 

Close the device and wait for the indicator lights to inform you when your waffles are cooked. 

If your iron doesn't have a light indicator, you can check the side of the iron until you notice some cooked batter - with the appearance of cake - jutting out of the sides of the clamshell. This means the top and bottom parts of the waffles have turned golden brown and are ready for removal. 

Open the clamshell to confirm the waffles are cooked the way you want them - if not, close the lid and wait another minute or two. 

Remove your waffles carefully with a plastic or rubber spatula when crisp and golden brown. Next you should switch off the device and leave the clamshell open so it can cool down. 

When completely cool use a paper towel or dishcloth to wipe the Teflon surface and then put you waffle maker away until your need waffle-making session. 

Try to avoid scratching the non-stick Teflon surface on your iron with a knife or other sharp implement as this will impair its non-stick capabilities. And don't clean it with an abrasive scouring pad or anything similar as this can scratch the Teflon too.

Electric waffle makers are the most popular choice in the UK but some people prefer to do thing the old fashioned way with a traditional waffle iron which has a long wooden handle and positioned over a skillet.

Waffle makers come in various designs and models and can make waffles of varied thicknesses - so it's pretty easy to find on that appeals to your taste! 

A cheap waffle maker with basic features will cost around £20 but you can expect to pay a lot more for a deluxe maker with stainless steel exterior and a host of additional features. 

They are available in various colours so you can easily find one to match your other kitchen appliances such as your toaster, kettle, sandwich maker and bread bin - popular colours include black, white, yellow, silver, blue, red, green, cream, pink and beige. 

These handy electrical devices really are mini marvels for having to hand in your kitchen - in a just a few minutes you can serve up a tasty snack that will really satisfy the taste buds of your family and friends. is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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